Tru Films takes on projects from the conception phase to final delivery, all in-house. Based on the initial concept we work together
to develop a treatment, followed by a script and storyboards. We then bring on the appropriate creative team consisting of our cinematographer, lighting gaffer, editor and motion graphics artist to bring this treatment to life.

Working under the Tru Films umbrella allows our aesthetic to be consistent, our shared vision to be realized,
and our clients to have only ONE contact to navigate the entire creative process with.


Tru Films is a boutique production company that is dedicated to developing and producing commercial content with a documentary sensibility. Our work captures the energy and emotions of the human experience, and whether we are telling an intimate story or promoting a brand, we strive to take our audience on a journey that they can feel, relate and react to.

Our work in feature-length documentaries has taken us through the colorful streets of Harlem, behind the veil in Tehran,  inside the Mayan tombs of Copan, gold mines of Colombia, on fashion-show runways, in infamous prisons, on top of Thai elephants and inside prop planes doing aerial acrobatics. Our films have premiered at film festivals across the globe and on networks such as PBS, HBO, MTV, Al Jazeer &  BBC Storyville.

With the recent rise of “branded content” over the traditional 30-second commercial spot, our experience with strong characters and rich storytelling has seamlessly coalesced with promoting a product or brand through short-format content. We have worked with PR companies, ad agencies and brands directly to produce content for Nabisco, Pampers, & Yahoo. Content that both entertains and advertises.

Additionally, Tru Films produces original content for museums, behind-the-scenes for fashion and film, PSA’s for nonprofits and educational content for foundations.

As a team, we have each other’s back like no other,  and work tirelessly and diligently to realize every projects potential and deliver the best to our clients.

Marjan Tehrani & Gabriel Noble
Partners, Tru Films

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Tru Films recognizes that every project desires to be the best while working within the constraints of budget,
and we strive to be creative & flexible yet committed to getting the job done with the highest production standards.
In short: we'll work together and make it happen! Contact us.